Two New Patents By Google And How They Affect Digital Marketing

Are you a business owner? Do you have a website online? Are you anxious about the future of SEO and not sure how to proceed? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Here we provide you with a quick rundown of the latest acquisition of Google and its impact on the SEO market. This guide was put with the help of several SEO experts from Caseo. If you aren’t aware of the latest developments in the industry, read an update of the latest patents acquired by Google at

Though Google recently acquired two new patents, it doesn’t mean that the search engine giant has to use it. However, it gives us an idea on the direction the company may proceed in the future.

The First Patent: Watch Time Ranking This patent enables Google to use “Watch Time” to influence page rankings. In simple terms, it means that the average time a person spends reading your content or watching your video could directly influence the page rankings of your site. This translates to more time people spend watching your content, the higher will be your rankings. Search engine journal noted that though it is unclear whether watch time refers only to videos or whether it relates to other types of content too.

However, it is most likely to refer to the time people spend on a page either reading content or watching videos, clips and so on. This makes sense, since the more the content is engaging and interesting more the time people spend on it. This seems like a great way to intimate to search engines on the relevancy and quality of a web page.

What Should You Do Now? It is quite early to change your action plan based solely on this factor. However, it pays to create engaging content that is sure to capture the attention of your readers or viewers. Such content not only boosts your rankings in the future but also help you promote your brand value and reach out to a huge number of audience.

The Second Patent: Email Marketing & Its Influence on Page Rankings The second patent acquired by Google is related to email marketing. The way your audience perceive the emails you send out could end up determining your page rank. In other words, if your promotional emails end up getting trashed without being opened, it could significantly affect your page rankings. An in-depth article by Search Engine Watch, helps you understand the impact of this patent and what it does to SEO. The main factor you have to be aware here is that spam emails do harm to your business.

What Should You Do Now? This patent isn’t in use right now but it pays to be prepared. Try to avoid sending spammy emails to all your customers. Instead offer them something of value in each mail. This way you can avoid getting your emails being dumped in the spam folder and simultaneously improve your business and page rankings.

Irrespective of your SEO strategies it pays to keep abreast of the latest updates from Google to stay ahead in the game.